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On this packed day tour, you’ll visit the region’s UNESCO-listed highlights. Travel with a private guide  to supply information Travel in a comfortable private car. 

Trip Highlights

  • Sightseeing of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Katmandu, Lalitpur (Patan) and Bhaktapur/
  • Showcases the rich culture of the NepaleseThe trip is friendly for family and children.
  • Cover all six of the region’s UNESCO-listed heritage sites in one thrilling day tour.
  • Travel by private car to save time between sights—perfect for visitors on a tight schedule 

UNESCO Six World Heritage - Day Tour

    • Swayambhunath Temple

    Swayambhunath Stupa aka "The Monkey Temple," is located on the top of Kathmandu. It has 365 stairs to be actual that contains you to the top for the exceptional view of the city itself.

    • Kathmandu Durbar Square

    In Kathmandu Durbar Square, you will see that many historical and religious sites and architectural constructions are in the process of reconstruction. You will see a massive statue of "Kal Bhairav," figure of "Hanuman" at Hanuman Dhoka, and a miniature model of Pashupatinath temple. Also, you can explore the Kumari Ghar where the residing goddesses of Nepal reside. 

    • Patan Durbar Square and Golden Temple (Hiranya Varna Mahavihar)

    The Patan Durbar Square is filled with Newari Architecture and nearby Newar community. Patan Durbar Square, known as The City of Fine Arts, is the one place in the Kathmandu Valley where the medieval arts and architecture still remain unspoiled. Patan Durbar Square is full of ancient palaces, temples and shrines, noted for their exquisite carvings, mostly of Hindu and Buddhist origins.

    • Bhaktapur Durbar Square

    Bhaktapur Durbar Square or the Town of the Devotees preserves medieval arts, architecture, culture, and lifestyle to this date. You will find many thrilling and inventive buildings from the entry factor to the exit point. The most imperative enchantment of the areas is many creative pillars with statues of historical kings, 55-window palace and Nyatapola temple placed in the central Royal Square of Bhaktapur.

    • Pashupatinath Temple

    Pashupatinath temple, it is the most important Hindu temple stand on the banks of the holy Bagmati River and is one of the principal temples of Lord Shiva. Pashupatinath temple is one of the largest temple complexes of Nepal. It houses more than 500 temples and shrines in the area. The temple complex of Pashupatinath which covers 0.64 hectares of land, is devoted mostly to Lord Shiva with the temple of other deities surrounding the first temple.Read more about UNESCO Seven World Heritage - Day Tour of Kathmandu Valley 2020 -

    • Boudhanath Stupa

    Buddhists shrine of Boudhanath Temple, it is the Asia’s largest stupa this is one of the few places in the world where Tibetan Buddhists culture is accessible and unfettered.


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